After Ever Happy: Hero Fiennes Tiffin Interview

After Ever Happy star Hero Fiennes Tiffin reflects on his journey playing Hardin Scott, and his collaboration with costar Josephine Langford.

When Hero Fiennes Tiffin signed on to play Hardin Scott in a little film called After, he probably never expected that it would amass a huge global following and become a five-film franchise.

But with the fourth installment, After Ever Happy, arriving on digital September 23 and the recently announced fifth movie already filmed, the series has become one of the most successful romance stories in recent history.

What began as a Wattpad fanfiction has quickly morphed beyond what author Anna Todd originally conceived, which means the movies have naturally had to make many changes along the way.

After Ever Happy is perhaps the most strikingly different from its source material, especially as it was originally expected to be the final film in the franchise.

Despite After We Fell seeming to leave protagonist Tessa Young (played by Josephine Langford, Moxie) and her boyfriend Hardin in a place of understanding, the latter quickly begins to backslide when the new movie opens.

As he struggles to deal with his family secrets and rejects Tessa’s help, she herself must come to terms with her own family crises and take the opportunity to reassess her own life.

The question then becomes whether Hardin can truly fit into Tessa’s life without destroying it, and fans are eager to learn the answer.

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