Disney pulls Patty Jenkins’ Star Wars movie schedule

As if millions of voices suddenly cried out and said, “yeah, I saw this coming,” Disney has apparently dumped Patty Jenkins’ Star Wars movie Rogue Squadron from its upcoming release schedule, meaning the film—if it’s happening at all—won’t be happening any time soon (that’s according to The Hollywood Reporter).

Disney pulls Patty Jenkins’ Star Wars movie schedule

The reason that doesn’t seem surprising, beyond the fact that Disney just makes Star Wars TV these days and not Star Wars movies, is that we heard last year that Jenkins reportedly didn’t really have room for Rogue Squadron in her schedule. She has Wonder Woman 3 coming at some point and is working on a Cleopatra movie, and Star Wars movies tend to be a lot of work (you’ve gotta make those miniature spaceships

As far as we know, the only Star Wars movie that is currently in development at Lucasfilm and Disney is Taika Waititi’s project, which we know nothing about (beyond safe assumptions you could make based on the rest of the Waititi canon, like his sense of humor and his tendency to give himself cameos). Or maybe there will never be a Star Wars movie again, which… may not be the worst thing? The TV shows are okay, with their lower-stakes and eager-to-please fan-service. Maybe Lucasfilm should focus on not ruining Indiana Jones 5 for now.

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