Viola Davis and The Woman King win at the box office

The Woman King,” an historical drama starring Viola Davis, has become a bright spot at the box office.

It debuted last weekend with a gross of $19 million domestically, and is expected to do more as it opens internationally.

Viola Davis and The Woman King win at the box office

“The Woman King” is based on the history of an all-female warrior unit that defended Agojie, a West African kingdom, from the 17th to the 19th centuries. It is directed by Gina Prince-Blythewood, and Davis serves as a producer.

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Sony predicted its film would generate $12 million in its first weekend.

CNBC reports that the film was attended predominately by older female viewers, a demographic that had been reluctant to return to theaters. Black moviegoers made up 59% of the audience.

Sony also said it would easily recoup its $50 million investment in the film.

Davis took on her first action role for the film. She told Variety that she was confident that “The Woman King” would bring Black women to the theater.

“We know Black women. We know they’re going to bring people they work with, spouses and families, and come back five or six times during the weekend.

We are in an industry that doesn’t see the power Black women have at the global box office.

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